#2: procrastinating is a state of mind

I must say, my favorite class this semester was taught by Molly Rapert. Other than the fact that she was just an amazing teacher, what really made her class stand out was that she showed us how we could continue learning relevant information even after her class.  She introduced me to GMA SmartBrief and several blogs (one of my favorites: Seth’s Blog.). Something that I didn’t fully understand until this point in my life is that our identity is made up of how we spend our lives, which is determined by our mindset.

Kindness is a state of mind. Youth is a state of mind. Learning is a state of mind.

The desire to learn can sometimes become clouded by the routine of learning that we all fall into via school. However, it is the required practice of finding, understanding, and applying information that enables us to appreciate learning and think critically. That appreciation leads to the desire and continual seeking of knowledge.

(Sigh) At this moment, I see the method behind the madness.

Maybe you’ve already known this, or maybe you disagree. I’m just thinking out loud…
Now back to writing my final papers as an undergrad (eeeek!)

#1: Here goes nothin’

I suppose it’s time for an introduction:

Here I stand, where many have stood before: with one week left of college.  A peculiar time, resulting in a mess of emotions.  Up to this point I have had so many experiences, grown in so many ways, and have had the privilege of meeting an incredible array of people.With that in mind, it’s the end of an era.  What comes next is unplanned.
What is this uncertainty?
A. Daunting
C. Intimidating
E. All of the above

It’s been a crazy 22 years filled with good times, hard times, mistakes, and successes. So with this, I invite you to join me in whatever comes next!